B arry's T ire T ech


I dedicate this website to Carol Orgizek and her father, Stan Ogrizek - 2 people who contributed to my life in very positive ways.

Carol was my wife for over 40 years. She was dependable and hard working with a tendency of finding useful shortcuts. She was a follower who followed me almost without question. She did things the conventional way, but was willing to try new things if I was in the lead. She also had a sense of duty and performed many tasks without complaining.

She was very security conscious and needed backups for the backups of anything consumable. She wanted to be sure she never ran out. We never did.

Stan was the son of immigrants (about WW 1) from Slovenia, who met each other in the US. That made Carol a second generation American, something she didn't celebrate, which she should have.

Stan fought in WW 2 in North Africa. He was at the battle of Kasserine Pass. I don't think he ever got over the horror of it all.

Stan was frugal, but gave us money for my children's education, even though he was not well educated himself. Because he gave us so much money, I retired with much more money than I would have otherwise. Put another way, he basically paid for my children's college education meaning I didn't have to.

I don't know how to repay this. The best I can do is pay it forward and this dedication is a step in that direction.